India sticker pack contest announcement

Hello India! Stipop Sticker Pack Contest

Calling all Indian creators! Do you want to get the chance to win an iPad Pro? Stipop is holding a sticker pack contest for Indian artists with multiple rewards. Check how to participate and get the chance to win in today’s post!

contest guidelines

1. How to participate

To participate, all you need to do is create a sticker pack according to contest guidelines and upload it to Stipop Studio. When you upload your pack, make sure to select the category “India” and add “India Contest” to the list of keywords describing your sticker pack, so your entry is counted.

To learn more about how to upload a sticker pack to Stipop, take a quick look at our upload guide here. To sign up to Stipop Studio, click here.

2. Eligibility

This contest is exclusive to Indian artists above 18 years old. If you’re from a different country, make sure to stay tuned to our notice board for updates on future sticker contests.

3. Sticker pack theme

The sticker pack should portray Indian culture. The topics you can cover are endless – we want you to show us the little things that describe your country best. For example, Indian holidays like Diwali or aspects of your everyday life with your family, friends, or co-workers.

Once you select a theme, don’t forget to add text expressions in Hindi or Hinglish to your stickers. Stickers with text captions tend to be used more than those without any text. To get a better idea of what text captions are, take a look at the stickers below.

examples of stickers with Hinglish text captions

4. Sticker formats

For still stickers:

  • File: PNG
  • Image size: 700 x 700px. 
  • Margin: 20px. 
  • File size: Less than 500KB (for each sticker)
  • 1 App Tray Icon: 100x 100px
  • 1 Thumbnail image : 360 x 360px

For animated stickers:

  • File: GIF
  • Image size: 700 x 700px
  • Margin: 20px
  • File size: Less than 500KB (for each sticker)
  • Frame: More than 5 frames
  • Loop: Infinite loop
  • 1 App Tray Icon: 100x 100px
  • 1 Thumbnail image : 360 x 360px

Regardless of whether you are creating animated or still stickers, make sure to upload stickers with transparent backgrounds only. Also, please use one image from your sticker pack for both the main image and app tray icon.

4. Rewards

The winner of the contest will get an iPad Pro. If you don’t win, you will receive a participation certificate that you can use for your resume and portfolio. We will also, feature your stickers on the main page of the Stipop App. 

5. How will the winner be picked

Stipop is going to assess all contest entries and evaluate the design quality, originality, and artistic composition of the stickers. To ensure your stickers have more chances to win, follow all contest rules and Stipop sticker guidelines. If your sticker pack contains any minor issues, we will request to resubmit. From there, please edit your stickers according to our suggestions and upload them to our platform once again.

* After uploading your stickers, you automatically become a Stipop creator. We will distribute your artwork to apps like WhatsApp and iMessage, and you will be eligible to earn with every download your sticker pack gets on the Stipop App.

6. Deadline and winner announcement

Submit your entry by December 20 (12AM KST), and the winner will be announced on December 23. We are looking forward to seeing your artwork!

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