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Top 4 Pride messenger stickers you should check

Another year and another Pride Month emerged upon us! This year, Stipop invited creators from all parts of the world to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and spread the love with messenger stickers! With multiple submissions, this year’s Pride event paid a beautiful homage to love and acceptance.

Today we will go through the Pride event winners, as well as some other honorable mentions!

Messenger Stickers that spread love and support

During this year’s Pride event, we indeed witnessed the power of stickers in digital communication. To all allies, the multiple sticker entries really showcased how we can all use stickers to share love and support for all the LGBTQ+ people in our lives. While, to all LGBTQ+ identifiers, this year’s Pride stickers have showcased a new way to empower digital conversations with beautiful expressions of self-love and identity.

With all this said, we are happy to share the top 2021 Pride event messenger stickers!

Pride Messenger Stickers

Top 4 – Winners?

In the top 4 this year, we are proud to present four new creators!

  • Chiara with “PRIDE”
  • Sarokey with “Pride Love”
  • Megan Motown with “Proud and Wild”
  • Aidis with “Pride Hearts”

Top Ranked – Honorable Mentions

Not on the Top 4, but still very much relevant, are two popular creators:

  • Hcmariangelica with “Happy Pride 2021!”
  • Universe boy with “Happy Pride!”

2022 Pride here I come!

If you are interested in any of the sticker packs, make sure to check the Stipop app (iOSandroid) and spread the love with all your loved ones. You can download all packs for free or support creators for an affordable price!

In 2022, Stipop will continue to support the LGBTQ+ community, so new Pride events are to be expected! All creators are welcomed to join, so make sure to stay tuned to Studio Blog for further updates. Until then, let’s spread the love with stickers. Happy Pride everyone! 

Are you a Creator?

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