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Goodbye summer! Top summer sticker packs of 2021

Another year, another summer! Unfortunately, as time flies by, warm weather and sunny afternoons at the beach are coming to an end. At Stipop, many creators celebrated 2021 summer with exclusive sticker packs that describe what summer offers best. In today’s post, we’ll go through some of the top summer packs of 2021!

Summer in Sticker Packs

Summer stickers are an annual tradition in Stipop. Every year many creators upload summery packs that brighten our digital conversations. This year was no exception, and among the many, three special creators made a difference in transmitting what best summer offers with stickers. We are talking about Catgrass, SEAFOREST, and nanshi!

1. Catgrass

For those who don’t know, Catgrass is a well-known name when it comes to summer stickers. This year, ten summer packs were uploaded in a range of three different languages (i.e., English, Spanish, and Korean). Here are some of the user favorites!

catgrass sticker packs


Talking about well-known names, SEAFOREST is a new Stipop creator that has impressed the sticker community with its unique style. For this sandy season, “Summer Lobby” and “Lobby’s summer is hot & cool” have made quite the impression within sticker fans.

lobby sticker packs

3. nanshi

Finally, we have nanshi – a Stipop creator with more than 40 sticker packs! For those who know nanshi, Beebeebird and Baebi are two of this creator’s most popular sticker characters. To no surprise, they are the stars of this year’s summer pack!

nanshi sticker packs

Finding your summer pack

Looking for more summer stickers? We got you. In the Stipop app (iOSandroid) you can search sticker packs by keywords. The only thing you need to do is click on the search bar at the top and type all the keywords that best describe what you are looking for. For instance, in the case of summer, keywords like “summer,” “sun,” “beach,” or even “pool” will help you find the best packs for this sandy season!


Are you a creator?

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