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3 tips on how to create top ranked digital stickers

Creating successful digital stickers is no easy task. Original sticker designs are crucial. However, making something users can resonate on the daily is also vital. To reach sticker users and produce top-ranked sticker content, creators need to adhere to basic sticker rules. In today’s post, we will go through three practical tips to make your stickers successful among the sticker fans!

Tips on how to draw successful digital stickers

1. Follow events

Halloween, Christmas, New year, Valentine’s Day, you name it… When it comes to seasonal things, we tend to get more excited. In the digital sticker world, the excitement for seasonal things can be measured within keyword searches.

According to Stipop app data, the top searched keywords during 2020 were in big part related to holidays and events. For instance, during February, some of the most searched keywords by users in the Stipop app were “valentine”, “love”, “heart” and “rose”. While during December, the top searched keywords were mostly related to Christmas.

This goes to show that seasonal themes are relevant to sticker users. So, not surprisingly, during 2020, some of the best performing sticker packs were related to seasonal events and special occasions as well!

As a sticker creator, you should take advantage of this and create digital stickers that deliver the joy for holidays in daily communication. From a romantic sticker pack during Valentine’s Day to a spooky sticker pack during Halloween – successful sticker content helps convey everything that is meaningful to users in digital communication.

At Stipop, you have the chance to show your seasonal stickers at our sticker events. Christmas, Ramadan, you name it, all special dates are covered and all creators have the chance to upload creative sticker packs that embrace the theme of the season to users. Being a competition, all participants, have the chance to win awards and be showcased on our banners! This can be a great opportunity to grow your fandom so if you are interested, make sure to stay tuned to our Blog, app (iOSandroid), and social platforms for any announcement. 

stipop seasonal stickers popular winter christmas valentine halloween
Popular seasonal stickers and keywords on Stipop

2. Seasons, seasons, seasons!

Besides holidays and occasional events, digital stickers that also perform very well among users are sticker packs related to seasons. Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter are constant factors that surround us throughout the year. Feeling hot during the summer and cold during winter are common things we express during these seasons. So, having stickers that can relate to these emotions is crucial among sticker fans.

As a sticker creator, you can create sticker packs that showcase the hurdles or joys of each season – appealing to all types of sticker fans around the world.

3. Make it Punny

Another useful tip that can take your digital stickers to another level, is adding some pun-flavor to your text captions. For instance, in a sticker pack about summer, you can add clever captions to your stickers like:

  • “Water you doing?”
  • “I’m shore”
  • “A-boat time!”
  • “Sea you later!”

All in all, adding some comedic flavor to your sticker pack is a good way to diversify your content and stand out from the crowd. This will make your stickers more fun to use, increasing your sticker pack performance as well.

Are you a creator?

Looking to grow your audience? Stipop is the perfect place for you.  With more than 5,000 sticker creators and 200M end-users worldwide, Stipop elevates all types of creators to a wider audience of sticker fans. To learn more about becoming a sticker creator at Stipop, visit our Studio page. To stay on top of new stories and community updates, make sure to visit Studio blog

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