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Types of sticker content that Gen Zers love!

When it comes to sticker fans, Gen Zers take the prize. According to online studies, Gen Z is one of the generations that most texts and shares digital content like stickers in conversations. As a sticker creator, understanding what most sticker users want is very crucial for your long-term success. That’s why, in today’s post, we’ll help you navigate this dilemma by sharing the types of sticker content that Gen Zers most love to use. Curious? Let’s start!

Defining Gen Z

Gen Z, also known as Generation Z, represents the generation of users born between 1997 and 2012. It accounts for 32% of the global population, and it is considered the first generation of true digital natives. 

In terms of characteristics, Gen Z likes to use their phones for everything. Especially when it comes to communication. According to Inc, 75% of Gen Zers prefer to text rather than talking face to face. Not surprisingly, this makes Gen Z the generation that most texts. Plus, alongside Millennials, one of the generations that most share digital content online, like stickers.

Why you should create sticker content for Gen Zers?

As a sticker creator, Gen Z represents a significant percentage of your audience. This means it is essential to know what types of content they prefer. Not only to guarantee that your work is well received, but so you can create a bigger fan community that supports your work no matter what.

Gen Zers’ favorite sticker content

1. Pop culture references

example of sticker content that portrays pop culture moments

Nothing like a sticker pack that immortalizes the most iconic internet moments, right? Well, you are right. Pop culture references are something that sticker fans relate to, especially Gen Zers.

Sticker packs that have done this successfully are Bakomik’s “Crazy Chicken” series and Zayatoon’s “The Language of the Memes”. Both packs have captured popular pop cultural moments and translated them into hilarious stickers to share in daily conversations.

Zayatoon, in particular, has included some of the most relevant moments in pop culture, such as the iconic Drake hotline bling moment and “fine” (a comic strip reference). Bakomik, on the other hand, has immortalized crazy hype dances and the “awkward monkey” stare into a tee.

2. Speaking Meme

example of meme-inspired sticker content

Alongside pop culture references is memes. Yes, memes are another crowd favorite and something that users can send to showcase their humor. Not surprisingly, packs that can speak meme win points among young users. But how do they look?

Take a look at “strict Abbreviation Villain” by Jonathan. This is a sticker pack that follows a basic meme character design with black and white colors. However, it also portrays another meme characteristic with sarcastic captions. Overall, it definitely transmits meme energy to users, which is a must. Still, there are other types of designs and humor you can add when making meme-inspired sticker packs.

For instance, Potakun’s “Me me” is a sticker pack that follows a more comic-style design but with expressions from famous memes. 

3. Punny is funny

example of punny stickers that gen zers love

To some, puns might sound old fashion. Maybe even cringe, like dad jokes. However, you might be surprised that when done right, puns can be hilarious. That’s why punny stickers are still thriving and surviving as one of Gen Z’s top favorite content.

Take a look at itscathywu’s “Banana Peelings”. This is a sticker pack full of puns and funny messages. However, it is successful because it doesn’t overbeat the joke but adapts it to different expressions and formats.

“Pun stickers” by shwa is another excellent example of this, where each sticker image has its own unique pun!

4. Self-expressive

example of self-expression stickers that gen z loves to share

Self-expression and self-identity are extremely important among Gen Zers. That’s why sticker packs that carry meaningful messages that highlight communities such as the LGBTQIA+ community, the Muslim community, and many others are some of the most shared contents among this generation.

Take a look at Aidis’s “Pride Hearts” and Trblqueen’s “Cute Froggy”. They both highlight pride differently and give users a way to express themselves on a daily. 

Overall, it’s all about representation and giving voices to all communities and groups of users.

5. Cute and sassy

example of cute and sassy stickers that gen zers love

Cute stickers are indeed a crowd favorite. However, when you add a little bit of sass to a cute sticker, everything seems to fit even better. When looking at Gen Z’s sarcastic humor, cute and sassy sticker packs are a match made in even. As a result, they perform well among this generation of young users.

A few examples that nail this concept are, for instance, Mariana Moreno’s “Gato Bola” and Bagusiuh’s “BOMBOMCAT”. Maybe it’s because they both have cat characters, and cats are naturally cute and sassy. But, both pacts carry out expressions perfect for any cheeky comeback.

Creating sticker content that shines

As a sticker creator, you can take advantage of this information and create content that caters to one of the biggest audience sticker fans – Gen Z. From adding pop culture memes to designing stickers that help users express their identity, the opportunities are vast. Just go for it and let your stickers shine!

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