10 sticker packs that mastered the art of comedy

10 sticker packs that mastered the art of comedy

Stickers are a great tool to spice up conversations. They help better express personality in text. Plus, they add a new layer of humor and sarcasm to chats that no emoji or emoticon can! Today, we’ll talk about the 10 sticker packs that made us laugh the most this year!

10 sticker packs that made us laugh throughout the year

1. Bakomik – “Daily Crazy Chicken 3”

Bakomik recently joined the Stipop creator community, but already impressed sticker fans! The creator has uploaded a total of 19 sticker packs and holds 5th placed in the current Stipop app monthly rankings. The crazy chicken series has a total of four sticker packs with some of the most hilarious expressions! Today, we highlight the “Daily Crazy Chicken 3” pack, with some of the funniest stickers that made sticker fans laugh.

daily crazy chicken 3 sticker pack

2. Yeisigi – “Triangle boy”

Speaking of new talents, Yeisigi is another creator that joined the Stipop community recently. “Triangle boy” is the creator’s debut and has impressed sticker fans worldwide with its anime-style and funny expressions. These are some of our top picks!

Triangle boy sticker pack

3. Zayatoon – “Language of the memes”

Zayatoon is a Canadian comic artist and animator with some of the most creative sticker packs. “Language of the memes” is an example of that and adapts some of the most classic meme formats the Internet has ever seen into stickers. From the “confused women” meme to the iconic Simpsons “in the bushes” meme, this pack has it all! For that reason, it is really is difficult to choose a favorite. However, we really have to give to the forever relevant Drake meme! *hotline bling starts to play*

language of the memes pack

4. Red cheek cleaner – “Where am I who am I”

Another meme-tastic pack is Red cheek cleaner’s “Where am I who am I”. The classic white meme character captures a combination of silly and overdramatic expressions that has, without a doubt, impressed sticker fans worldwide. Check our top two favorites below.

who am i where am i pack

5. Cmaker – “Golden retriever”

Cmaker is no stranger to the Stipop creator community. With 101 sticker packs uploaded and 4th place in the Stipop app monthly rankings, Cmaker has won sticker fans’ hearts with a variety of quirky sticker characters throughout the years.

The “Golden retriever” pack is one of the funniest packs the creator has ever uploaded to the platform. The sarcastic doggo brings a new meaning to flex, making it impossible not to laugh at! Just take a look at our top two picks!

golden retriever pack

6. realduck – “Ginger man”

Ah…nothing like an over-dramatic cookie to spice up the mood, right? Well, sticker fans say that realduck’s “Ginger man” has it all! From angry to shocked, this ginger cookie has some of the best expressions that made sticker users laugh the most this year. Take a look at our top two favorites!

ginger man pack

7. Hubuluck – “Hubuluck & Pang’s Life vol.2”

The “Hubuluck & Pang’s life” series is another favorite among sticker users. The funny boyfriend and girlfriend dynamics make the pack relatable to almost anyone. 

Currently, it stands at number 4 in the Stipop app monthly rankings with nearly 2000 downloads. Just take a look at our top two picks to see how funny these stickers can be!

hubuluck & pang pack

8. tlqdbsrud – “The cat with bobbed hair”

“The cat with bobbed hair” by tlqdbsrud’s is another sticker pack that impressed sticker fans throughout this year. The relatable-comedic expressions really resonated with users and resulted in multiple chuckles! Check our top picks to see what we mean.

the cat with bobbed hair sticker pack

9. Mushroom Movies – “Mushroom Movie Valentines”

Listen, before you say anything, we know it’s not Valentine’s day. However, how can you say no to a dancing shroom! Without a doubt, this “sexy” dance makes this sticker pack hilarious, and we are not the only ones saying that. The hundreds of user downloads prove the point! Check our two picks from “Mushroom Movie Valentines” for a certificated laugh.

mushroom movies sticker pack

10. Kesthrel – “Sunny Smile”

At the end of our list, but as relevant as any other pack, is “Sunny Smile” by Kesthrel. With nearly 5 thousand downloads, this sticker pack is, without a doubt, a fan favorite and a guaranteed laughing trip. Our top two picks speak for themselves: comedic genius!

sunny smile pack

Finding the sticker pack that makes you laugh

Looking for more funny stickers? We have your back! In the Stipop app (iOSandroid), you can search stickers with keywords. All you need to do is click on the search bar at the top and type the keywords that best describe what you are looking for. In the case of funny sticker packs, keywords like “funny” or “meme” will do the trick! 


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