Stipop Studio for Character Creators
Grow character fanbase
and earn more!
Your character in chat stickers,
wallpapers, and watch face
Connecting character creators with their fans
@Bichi Mao
Happier Fans
Letting your fans play with your characters in form of chat stickers?
It is a pure joy they'd all love!
Less Workload
Using stickers they purchased, fans can now create wallpaper and watch face by themselves so you can save resources.
Earn More
You'll start selling one-time purchase and subscription in no time. See in full how monetization works on Stipop.
Most essential and
unique app experience
Try Stipop app
Chat Stickers
Stipop app allows users to send stickers on iMessage, WhatsApp, and Telegram seamlessly.
Let paid subscribers create their own wallpapers using your stickers and characters.
Watch Face
Smart Watch usage is higher than ever. Let your fans enjoy your stickers on Watch Face.
artist tubby profile image
Evie and Kinie
Russia & Korea
“Stipop is a great platform with a wonderful future ahead of it. Stipop allows developing and earning money for a huge number of content creators and this is incredibly cool!”
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artist tubby profile image
Tubby Nugget
United States
“Stipop makes it simple and easy to publish my artwork to all the messaging platforms in the world.”
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artist anna pig profile image
“Stipop's team will direct answer and keep in touch with the artists. They are totally friendly and active. I love Stipop. (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥”
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artist goro profile image
South Korea
“Among many, to name just two - you can upload as many stickers as you want and communicate with your fans for sure.”
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artist anna pig profile image
Roger Haus
“I love the idea that my illustrations are used by thousands of people around the world helping them to comunicate in a funny and easy way.”
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artist anna pig profile image
South Korea
“Three aspects of Stipop convinced me to give it a go - flexibility, revenue model, and globalization. I'm beginning to reach Spain”
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artist anna pig profile image
Mushroom Movie
“Stipop cut out the technical work that comes with putting stickers on apps. Our animated stickers were sent to users in a few hours!”
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Siberian Lizard
United Kingdom
“I loved incorporating Stipop into my content as it gives full freedom to artists like me to create sticker packs for our fans.”
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Key questions for creators
What is Stipop?
Stipop is home character enthusiasts - the creators and their fans. We help creators make stable income by quick-starting business with stickers, wallpapers, and more.
Do I own what I upload on Stipop?
Yes, you will always own any content you upload to Stipop and remove content whenever you want to. You will also own the community you build with your fans on Stipop.
Do I need to pay anything to Stipop as a creator?
You don’t have to pay anything to start as a creator on Stipop. Once you start making money, Stipop will keep a 10% cut of revenues to cover maintenance, development, and customer support fees.
How much will I earn?
Your monthly revenue can vary depending on your fanbase, but according to our data, you can earn around $5 per 1,000 IG followers OR 160% of your Patreon or Ko-fi revenue.
Ready to get started?