All about premium sticker packs

Welcome all creators! In this blog post, we’ll introduce Stipop’s exciting new product: Artist Channel Subscription and Premium Sticker Packs. We’ll walk you through the process of uploading your premium stickers and explain how this feature can benefit you and your subscribers. So let’s dive in!

First, we have recently launched the Artist Channel Subscription, a new subscription model where your fans can subscribe to you specifically. You can think of this as a YouTube subscription with a donation, a Twitch channel subscription, or Patreon – whichever you like. The best part of this is that you get to have your own channel where you’ll be able to grow your fan community with your stickers and offer special benefits to your subscribers. 

The very first benefit is the Premium Sticker Packs. This is a new sticker pack category that is available only to your subscribers. We recommend having at least 4~5 regular sticker packs and uploading at least 1 premium sticker pack per month so your subscribers can get new sticker packs every month and stick to your subscription plan. This will help you generate stable income in the long run.

To upload your premium sticker pack, follow these simple steps:

Step 1 – Accessing the Secret Code: The Artist Channel Subscription is currently open to a small number of invited artists only. In the invitation email, you will be provided with a secret code. This code is essential for uploading your premium sticker pack. Make sure to keep it secure and confidential. (If you wish to apply for the channel subscription, please send us an email to

Step 2 – Uploading the Sticker Pack: Navigate to the Stipop Studio and upload a new sticker pack. At the bottom of the first uploading step, you’ll find a designated field to enter the secret code you received in the invitation email. Enter the code and proceed with uploading your premium sticker pack as you would with any regular sticker pack. If you are uploading a regular sticker pack, you should leave this part empty.

Step 3 – Review Process: Once your premium sticker pack is uploaded, the Stipop team will review it to ensure compliance with content guidelines and quality standards. This review process helps maintain the high standard of stickers available on Stipop and ensures a great user experience for subscribers.

Step 4 – Going Live for Subscribers: After successfully passing the review process, your premium sticker pack will be made available exclusively to your subscribers. These stickers will be accessible only through the Stipop app to users who have subscribed to your artist channel. This provides an exciting incentive for users to subscribe to your profile and enjoy your premium content.

Step 5 – Let your Fans Know About This: Once everything is LIVE, copy the sticker pack link from the LIVE page on Stipop Studio and share it on your social media to let your fans know about the new exclusive sticker pack. This will help you boost your subscribe stats and be featured on the main page of the Stipop app.

With Stipop’s Artist Subscription service and the introduction of Premium Sticker Packs, you have an excellent opportunity to monetize your artistic talent, engage your subscribers, and showcase your work to a dedicated audience. Follow the steps outlined in this blog to upload your premium sticker pack and start reaping the benefits of this exciting new feature. We can’t wait to see the incredible stickers you’ll create!

If you have any further questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Stipop support team at Happy sticker creating!

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