Digital Stickers guide

A quick guide on digital stickers

What are digital stickers? Digital stickers are a type of art. Just like other art forms, digital stickers come in a variety of shapes and styles. However, unlike most art, digital stickers are a tool to communicate and express emotions to others. Today we will go through some of the basics of stickers. Ready? Let’s start!

Digital Stickers 101

Digital Stickers

What are Digital Stickers?

In short, stickers are still or animated images. They are present in digital communication as an expression tool that helps people convey tone and personality more naturally. They are also very witty and sometimes come with text captions – making replying to messages more fun and convenient.

How to use Stickers?

In terms of use, stickers are pretty versatile. They go beyond messaging and can be applied in other areas of digital communication. Here are the three most common ways you can use stickers:

  1. In chats, messages, or comments – This is available in platforms with communication features like messengers, social networks, collaboration tools, etc.
  2. In video – This is available in platforms with video features. Live streaming apps are a perfect example of that and allow users to send stickers during streams as reactions or donations.
  3. In profiles – This is mostly available in platforms with anonymous profiles, where users can select a sticker avatar for their profile picture.

Sticker Formats

Just like mentioned previously, digital stickers are either still or animated images. According to the type of sticker image, format changes. For example, still sticker images usually come in PNG files. Meanwhile, animated sticker images come in GIF files.

Depending on the platform, stickers can be published as a singular image or a group of images – also known as a sticker pack.  At Stipop, we focus on sticker packs, so creators can upload sticker content according to the following guidelines:

  • 15 – 24 sticker images
  • PNG, 72dpi, RGB, or GIF files

Where to find and upload Stickers?

Stipop app (iOSandroid) offers an extensive library of stickers from creators from all over the world.  With multiple events and sticker competitions all year round, sticker packs in the Stipop platform are diverse and unique. Sticker download is available for free or through creator donations and stickers can be integrated into different messenger platforms. Also, creators can upload content through the My Studio feature, which you can find more about it here.


Are you a creator?

Looking to grow your audience? Stipop is the perfect place for you. With more than 5,000 sticker creators and 200M end-users worldwide, Stipop elevates all types of creators to a broader audience of sticker fans. To learn more about becoming a sticker creator at Stipop, visit our Studio page. To stay on top of new stories and events, make sure to visit Studio blog!

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