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Privacy Policy

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Last updated: October 20, 2020

Thank you for using the Stipop website, API products, and events (“Stipop products and services”). If you use or access to Stipop’s products and services, you will be consenting to the below Stipop privacy policy (“privacy policy”) terms.

The privacy policy applies to the processing of private information Stipop collects from you in the below circumstances:

When you visit a website that notifies or links this privacy policy
When you access Stipop products and services, or use products or services
When you upload content on the Stipop website
When Stipop uses Stipop’s products and services as an authorized user that acts as your privacy manager (e.g. as one of Stipop’s employees who granted you access to Stipop services)
When you register to, have attended, or attend Stipop’s events, web seminars, and contests

When you provide others’ private information to Stipop or Stipop service providers, you are indicating that you have the right to provide such information and that information can be utilized as per this privacy policy. If you believe your private information has been inappropriately provided to Stipop or wish to exercise rights regarding private information, please contact Stipop via

In case you agree to the privacy policy as a proxy for Stipop API user, you agree to and guarantee the following terms: A) You have the entire legal right to bind the user regarding this policy, B) You have read and understood this policy, C) You agree to this privacy policy as a representative of the user. If you do not have the legal rights that bind the user, do not click ‘agree.’ Please refer to your rights regarding client data on Article 8.3 below.

This privacy policy does not apply to applications or content that Stipop users who use Stipop products or services process, store, or host. Furthermore, it does not apply to products, services, websites, content provided by a third-party and products, services, websites, content that have their individual privacy policies.

Unless otherwise stipulated in an annexed article, ‘Stipop’ in this privacy policy refers to Stipop Inc. located in Fl.1, 3340 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405, United States.

1. Private information to be collected
2. Usage information to be collected
3. Objectives of private information processing and legal basis
4. Sharing of private information
5. Private information on users aged 15 and below
6. Retention period and deletion of private information
7. Rights related to private information
8. Methods of private information protection
9. Changes to the privacy policy
10. Additional disclosure for California residents

Please send your feedback on Stipop’s privacy policies to Your feedback will be used to enhance our services and is greatly appreciated.